Bosnia Herzegovina.

The representatives of Bosnia and Hercegovina:

Čapljina, Tourist organization Čapljinka – A CATEGORY

Ivan Raguž – President;  +387 63 328 628; Email:

Elena Sesar – secretary;  +387 63 822 703; Email:

City of Banja Luka – A CATEGORY


7800 Banja Luka

Milada Jukalo: advisor for social activities : +38751244404


Information about „Karnevalsko društvo Prolog“ Ljubuški

President : Jakov Begić   +387 63 687 658;  Email:

Treasurer : Matea Nosić   +387 63 501 516

Secretary : Jagoda Jelavić   +387 63 701 017

 Information about Dance club „Paganini“ Livno

President : Jozo Rimac   +387 63 822 804; Email:

Treasurer and  Secretary: Renata Rimac  +387 63 312 949

Turistička organizacija Čapljinka

Mate Bobana bb

88 300 Čapljina

036 806 123; 036 806 147​ ​



Čapljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

21.8.2021 – Saturday​ ​

Turistička organizacija Čapljinka

Mate Bobana bb

88 300 Čapljina

+387 36 806 147

+387 36 806 123

+387 63 822 703


The twenty-fifth Ljubuški carnival

The twenty-fifth Ljubuški carnival will take place from the 5th to the 19th of February, 2023.

The International carnival parade will take place on Sunday, the 19th of February, 2023.

Ljubuški carnival is the biggest winter carnival in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For 100 years the carnival took place in the countryside of Ljubuški and then in 1999 it was officially held in the town for the first time.

The carnival has been organised by “Karnevalsko društvo Prolog”, from the village Prolog, that tends to have the longest tradition of carnival customs in Ljubuški.

The International carnival parade in Ljubuški always takes place on the last Sunday before Lent. For first 18 years it was held locally, but then the groups from other countries started to join and it has become the international carnival. In 2018, “Karnevalsko društvo Prolog” joined the “Federation of European Carnival Cities” (FECC). Since then, the International Carnival parade in Ljubuški has been led by the FECC representatives with the FECC flag.

Ljubuški carnival is very popular within its region. In the town that counts barely 5000 people, attendance at the main carnival programme is always more than 5000. 22 carnival groups (including 10 international) gathered together at the 24th Ljubuski carnival, that took place on the 27th of February 2022.

If there is anything else I can add to this, please feel free to contact me. The photos have been attached.

Best regards

President of “Karnevalsko društvo Prolog”

Jakov Begić