39th FECC Convention 2019 takes place in Yalova, Turkey, 

Group photo.

Report from YALOVA, Turkey – 39th FECC Convention

from 10th – 18th  June 2019

Monday – June 10th 2019

We departed from Zagreb by direct flight to Istanbul. After a long wait for a transfer, we finally arrived at the Thermalium Wellness Park Hotel where was held a welcome dinner for the incoming members of the Federation of European Carnival Cities. About 120 members from 19 countries in the world: Aruba, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA have arrived at the Convention.

Tuesday – June 11th  2019

The next morning there was a meeting of the International Board. Other members took a walk in nearby neighborhood. In the afternoon the kind hosts took us to visit the largest Turkish bath and thermal spa as well as the beautiful Karac Arboretum from 1922. where we had lunch. After lunch at Yuruyen Kosk Park, the mayor of Yalova Vefa Salman hosted us and introduced us with the construction of Kemal Ataturk’s most famous villa. The first president of the Turkish Republic Kemal Atatürk spent the last years of his life in Yalova. Followed a parade of flags along the streets of Yalova. The parade was led by Jafem members in their traditional uniforms. Yalova lies in the Asian part of Turkey’s Marmara region virtually across from Istanbul. The city covers the coastal plain of the Marmara  Sea.

Wednesday – June 12th 2019

The third day at Yalova was a working day. In the morning, held Presidium Meeting where we submitted a report of our work in FECC between the two Conventions in all Member States. The 39th FECC General Assembly was held in the afternoon. Congratulations to all newly admitted members in our largest carnival family in the world as well as Massimo Beltrami who was elected as General Deputies of Italy. After we had dinner at the Marina in Yalova where we celebrated the birthday of Herman van der Kroon, the brother of our longtime president and founder, Henri van der Kroon, who left us last September.

Thursday – June 13th  2019

On the fourth day, in the morning was held a panel discussion “FECC Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow” moderated by President Lars Algell.  FECC International Board after that visited in Yalova Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In the afternoon we visited the historic city Nicea or Iznik and visited several destinations of their priceless cultural heritage. The medals of the 39th FECC Convention were given to us in the evening. Followed Carnival Night and a masked ball.

Friday – June 14th  2019

Although we spent the entire fifth day at Hotel Thermalium, it was very interesting for us to follow the workshops prepared and led by our members:

1) Costume and wig designer and stylist Igor Menehello from  Mestre-Venezia – Italy – “Venezia in bauli”;

2) Set designer, costume designer and choreographer Jose-Miguel from Lyon – France – “From Garbage to Carnival Costume”;

3) Jafem member and our host Salih Kocabas from Yalova – Turkey –  “Jafem – Turkish story of cultural heritage, tradition and folklore”.

We had lunch at the pool where our hosts prepared a great barbecue and even better dessert. In the afternoon, were held presentations of the cities the future hosts of  FECC Conventions and Dies Natalis:

1) Herceg Novi – Montenegro – host of Dies Natalis from 27. to 30.09.2019.

2) Ptuj – Slovenia – host of the 40th FECC Convention from 24 to 31.05.2020.

3) Neuhausen / Spree – Germany – hosts Dies Natalis in 2020

4) Petange – Luxemburg – Candidate for Host of the 2022 FECC Convention.

Special praise goes to all presenters, moderators and workshop leaders because they attract a large number of interested members of the FECC.

In the evening we went out to dinner in the beautiful ambience of the new marina in Yalova.

Saturday – June 15th 2019

On the sixth day, after breakfast, we travelled to Bursa – first to the Karagoz Museum and the Shadow and Puppet Theater one of the most significant cultural and tourist attractions. We watched a play about Hacivat and Karagoz characters that are a symbol of the 39th FECC Convention. Lunch at Kozahan Park was organized for us by the Mayor of Bursa. The afternoon was reserved for sightseeing the Bursa and shopping in Kapalicarsa. Bursa is a large city in Turkey, located in northwestern Anatolia, within the Marmara Region. It is the fourth most populous city in Turkey and one of the most industrialized metropolitan centres in the country. WHITE NIGHT was held at the Thermalium Hotel in the evening.

Sunday – June 16th  2019

On Sunday morning we went by boat from Yalova to the Prince’s island. There was supposed to be held Holy Mass and prayer for our members who died between the two conventions. When we arrived at the church, after a long walk around the island, we were informed that our usual protocol within the Holy Mass had not been accepted. The decision was made that we would do it at the Gala evening in Yalova.

After lunch, we arrived at the door of the Bosporus by boat. So we see Istanbul on both coasts, Asian and European one.

At the Gala dinner that was held in Yalova in the evening, we were addressed by the President of the Yalova City Council Hasan Soyguzel and the President of Jafem  Ozer Koyuncu who were the organizers of the, now we can say,  very successful 39th FECC Convention. President Lars Algell awarded them with FECC medals. All FECC delegations for the hosts had the appropriate gifts, and International Board thanked the Jafem awarding memorial plaque “Memoriam Vivat”. But at the beginning of the evening we, as we agreed, in 17 languages pray for our deceased members between the two conventions Henry van der Kroon, Nederland, Guido Hendrikx, Jean Rega and Bernard Lambert, Belgium and Algirdas Nomeika, Lituania. Joined together in our joy and happiness, spreading the good spirit and best mood with all our activities, we stop for a moment and think of those friends who cannot share the merry moments of life with us any more. Henri’s van der Kroon’s brother, Herman, spoke about the life and work of the longtime president and founder of the Federation of European Carnival Cities. The finale came when the Slovenian delegation, as the future host of the Jubilee 40th Convention, took over the FECC flag. The convention in Ptuj will be held from 24th to 31th May 2020.

Monday – June 17th  2019

On Monday we went on a trip to Istanbul. We visited Sultanakhmet square where are located the most famous cultural and historical sights of this magnificent city. Throughout history, Istanbul is also known as Constantinopolis or Byzantium. It is the largest city in Turkey, an economic, cultural and historical centre. With a population of about 17 million, it is the seventh most populous city in the world and the first in Europe. It is located on both sides of the Bosporus strait, between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Although spread over two continents, it is considered to be a European city, with an economic and historical centre located on the European side. Centuries of history, culture, traditions, magnificent buildings and priceless works of art constitute the charm of this city. We first visited the Basilica Cistern. It is known in Turkish as Yerebatan Sarnici, which literally means “tank that sinks into the ground”. As its name implies, this is the largest underground tank in the world, and in the past has served as a water purifier for the Constantinople Palace.  Our next destinations were Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet Mosque – These two architectural marvels are opposite each other, in the heart of Istanbul. Once the largest Orthodox church and symbol of the Byzantine Empire during the Ottoman period, it was transformed into a mosque, and today it is a museum and a monument of two different world religions. The Sultanahmet was built as an Islamic response to Ayia Sophia and is also known as the Blue Mosque because of its magnificent bluestone reliefs from Iznik. Both buildings are imposing size and dominate the landscape of central Istanbul. We were all delighted with the cleanliness of the city and horticultural décor.

. We returned in the evening to Yalova, and a festive surprise dinner awaited us there. It was a farewell dinner where Mayor of Yalova Vefa Salman and President of Jafem Ozer Koyuncu our hosts once again addressed us. On behalf of all of us warmly thanked President Lars Algell and congratulated the hosts on well organized 39th FECC Convention.

                                                          Josip Silov, international FECC Vice- president

THANKS TO CITY OF YALOVA FOR 39th FECC Convention 2019 in Turkey 10 – 18 June

Thank you for a fantastic and very appreciated 39th FECC Convention 2019 in Yalova!!!

You made it!

All of us went home with very good memories of these days in Yalova.  

Also appreciated that everyone from Yalova were so very friendly, making so many efforts and always very helpful to all of us. 

Of course, as always, some problems to solve, but you all always worked to help all of us. 

You all were always very very friendly!!! 

We also appreciated the good service and accomodation at the

Thermalium Wellnes Park Hotel!

All of you were so very kind to us !!! 

Very appreciated!

Thank you all so much for all your efforts, and your friendship, kindness, helpfulness, making the 39th FECC Convention 2019 in Yalova possible and for all of us a memory for life!!. 


We do look forward to continuing cooperation regarding projects we discussed such as Flower Festival/Carnival in Yalova in close cooperation and promised support by Yalova Chamber of Commerce and Industry referring to the visit by FECC International Board 13th June to Yalova Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We also look forward to see City of Yalova as our new FECC A-category member! You are very welcome!!!

Hope we meet soon again! 

Yassou, yassou, yassou!!! 

Very very kind regards!

                                                                        Lars Algell, Inernatinal FECC President