40th FECC Convention in Ptuj

– City of Ptuj Slovenia, will be Host of 40th FECC JUBILEE CONVENTION 24 -31 May 2020

Since four years, and presentations on Conventions thereafter, City of Rijeka Croatia has been appointed as Host of 40th FECC Jubilee Convention 2020 – as a part of European Capital of Culture 2020.

However, due to the withdrawal and cancellation of FECC Convention by City of Rijeka (together with with City of Opatija and FECC Croatia) although several reminders by email, the FECC International Board, lost contact with the appointed Host – City of Rijeka. No answers or explanations were given. Even suggested meetings to find solutions: No answers….only silence.

Anyhow as FECC International Board we are appointed by our members to find solutions. 

On the FECC Board Meeting in Rakovica Belgrade Serbia 13 April FECC Secretary General Branko Brumen suggested that he will try to find a solution with City of Ptuj for the 40th FECC Jubilee Convention 2020.

Today Branko Brumen forwarded a Letter of Intent from Mayor of Ptuj, Nuška Gajšek and FECC Slovenia, President Andrej Klasinc confirming:doc02226120190514121253DOWNLOAD

– that the City of Ptuj as FECC A Category member confirms the intent to organize the 40th FECC Jubilee Convention 23 – 31 May 2020 as a part of the Jubilee Celebration of the 60th Kurentovanje in Ptuj.

We are very glad that we with outstanding efforts and work by our friends in Ptuj after only one month after the Board Meeting in Rakovica 13 April today got the Letter of Intent from Ptuj bearing in mind of the short time of decision-making.

Special thanks to: Branko Brumen, FECC Secretary General, President of International Kurentovanje Carnival in Ptuj, President of Organizing Committee of 40th FECC Jubilee Convention 2020

Nuška Gajšek.Mayor City of Ptuj

Andrej KlasincPresident FECC Slovenia 

Stefan CelanFECC Honorary Senator

A Brief presentation of 40th FECC Convention 2020 will follow in Yalova.

City of Ptuj will Host:

– 60 years Celebration of Kurentovanje in Ptuj 2020

– FECC 40th FECC Jubilee Convention 2020

– FECC European Capital of Culture 2020

We do look forward to a very close and appreciated cooperation!!!

And many thank for outstanding efforts and help Hosting 40th FECC Jubilee Convention 2020

Ptuj has experience in organizing of the FECC Conventions. They organized (together with Maribor) FECC Convention 1996 and FECC Dies Natalis 2007. DOWNLOAD

Grand Hotel Primus in Ptuj will host the FECC delegates 2020.

This was a very good day with very good news!!!!!

See you soon in Yalova Turkey 10-18 June 2019

Yassou, yassou, yassou!!!

FECC International Board

Lars Algell, President+46705344000lars.algell@gmail.com


Stora Gatan 72SE-193 30 SigtunaSweden

Dear FECC friends,
The oldest Slovenian town of Ptuj, which celebrates 1950 year’s from the first written historical mention, is the home of the famous ethnographic character Kurent, who has been registered since 12/2017 in the UNESCO representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, and the International FECC Carnival Kurentovanje, which celebrates next year the 60th anniversary years of the organized events of public interest. 
We are looking forward to the planned organization of the jubilee 40th FECC Convention 2020 in this framework, in accordance with the mission of Kurent, which with its ritual discharges everything badly and brings happiness and satisfaction. 
Welcome to the FECC meeting again in Ptuj, Slovenia, EU.

Branko Brumen
President of Kurentovanje and
FECC Secretary General

Kurentovanje 2019 – with the mayor and the Prince of Carnival, FECC flag at the Town Hall of Ptuj

FECC Kurentovanje 2019, with the President of the Republic of Slovenia Mr. Borut Pahor

Kurentsin the autochthonous environment

Kurents in the old city center of Ptuj on Kurentovanje 2019 

Ptuj Romans with FECC friends from Italy on Kurentovanje 2019

With friends at the Poetovio Roman Games in GH Primus