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THANK YOU LESKOVAC – for the 43rd FECC Convention 2023 – a memory for life!!!

Thank you:

– Leskovac

– Mayor of Leskovac & staff

– Organization Committee

– FECC Serbia 

– Volunteers

– all the wonderful people in Leskovac

Thank you for making the 43rd FECC Convention 2023 – to a memory for life!!!



A very well prepared program during 13-20 May gave all delegates a very good view of Leskovac and the area around. History, nature, etc etc

We made different trips around very nice places.

Every evening we had different themes; 

Welcome Dinner, Carnival Evening, White Evening,  Gala Dinner etc

The many performances were very very impressive!!!

Food!!!!!! – very good and tasty and A LOT!!!!

Excellent and generous hospitality and all of you were so very very friendly to all of us.

Thank you so very much!!!

The Conference rooms for the FECC Presidium Meeting and FECC General Assembly were well prepared and the meetings were conducted in a very positive atmosphere. 

The Financial Report 2022 and Budget for 2023 were approved.

FECC Dies Natalis 2023, 13-16 October, will take place in Cottbus/Willmersdorf, Germany

– invitations will soon be sent out

The contract was signed for 44th FECC Convention 2024 in Pernik, Bulgaria –  11-18 May

– more info will come during FECC Dies Natalis

Yassou, yassou, yassou!!!

FECC International Board

Lars Algell

President FECC

Josip Silov – Marion Hirche – Aleksandar Cicimov – Branko Brumen – Aleksandar Vasovic

Jürgen Schmidt – Gert-Jan Visser – Raymond Vella

Peter Balogh

3rd-5th February 2023

Newsletter 1/ 2022 11 November 2022

First day of the new Carnival Year!!!

Dear friends,
the International Board decided during FECC Dies Natalis in Sostanj, Slovenia, the restart of the FECC-newsletter. Thank you to all members
who helped us to prepare this first newsletter.

From the Newsletter:

In Sostanj our FECC President Lars Algell and the Mayor of Leskovac Goran Cvetanovic, Serbia, signed the contract of the 43rd FECC Convention 2023. 

City of Leskovac the Host will organize and hold:

– the 43rd FECC Convention 2023 

Saturday 13 May – Sunday 21 May

Leskovac, Serbia 

– https://www.gradleskovac.org/

Responsible person will be the Mayor of Leskovac. 

Every participant will get the Book about the life of Henk van der Kroon as a present from the host.  

More info will soon follow


Please help us to update all carnival events coming carnival year

Send your carnival info to Marion Hirche, FECC Vice President  


– website

– city, country

– contact info, name, mobile, email 

– actual dates 

       – including international carnival parade 

Our next newsletter will be opened in February 2023. 

Please promote your Carnival – send  info to quentin.hirche@gmx.de

We wish you all a successful new Carnival Year!!!

FECC International Board

Lars Algell





Send your Carnival info to:

Marion Hirche – quentin.hirche@gmx.de

Josip Silov – Marion Hirche – Aleksandar Cicimov – Branko Brumen – Aleksandar Vasovic

Jürgen Schmidt – Gert-Jan Visser – Raymond Vella

Peter Balogh


Newsletter FECC 22/1 – editor Marion Hirche

International summer carnival Čapljina

August 8, 2022|

BigSEE Tourism Design Award 2022 – WinnerBosnia and HerzegovinaCreative story and identity as experienceTourism

Carnival of Capljina

Saturday 21 August 2021 7:30 p.m.

To watch the Capljina Carnival live select the link below.



FECC Monument – Restoration process begins!
Nadur Local Council has obtained funding from a Restoration Works Scheme issued by the Ministry for Gozo and the Eco Gozo Directorate. This follows our successful application to restore the monument located in Triq Għajn Qasab.
This monument was made back in 2005 when Nadur hosted the 25th General Convention of the Federation of European Carnival Cities (FECC).
The process to restore it will now begin, thanks to this scheme.
We will keep you informed!

FECC President.

  Info from FECC Digital General Assembly 25 May 2021

This mail is sent to all FECC members and also to FECC Network

Dear Members and Carnival Friends!

Yesterday 40 members took part in the FECC Digital General Assembly.

The meeting was divided in two parts;

First part, answered by mail 22 May, were all points approved by 80 members on a Questionnaire with 6 questions:

1 – Approval of the Minutes FECC General Assembly2020_digital 

2 – Financial Report 2020

3 – Discharge of Treasurer and International Board 2020 

4 – Budget FECC 2021 

5 – Elections FECC International Board and Audit Committee 2021-2024

6 – Membership fee in the Corona crisis 

FECC International Board 2018-2021 was elected also for 2021-2024. Attachment

Audit Committee 2021-2024: Jürgen Schmidt, Germany – Gert-Jan Visser, the Netherlands – Raymond Vella, Malta.

It has been a very difficult year because of Covid-19:

All carnivals and other events were canceled. Therefore it was appreciated it was decided that membership fee is reduced to 50% – 2020 and 2021.

Some proposals were received. A resolution was decided regarding meetings in electronic for General Assembly and other meetings. There were also proposals regarding function and development of the Presidium to be prepared. It was also decided that Jürgen Schmidt will be Senator after changing his position in FECC Germany.

I will give special thank to Jürgen Schmidt for very good cooperation as Auditor in preparations of FECC General Assembly.

Also a special thank to Organization Committee and City of Ptuj for hard work really trying, twice!!,, 2020 and 2021, to host FECC Convention. Unfortunately cancelled because of Corona.

For FECC Dies Natalis we hope it will be 8-10 October 2021 but not yet confirmed. Neuhausen/Spree, Germany, unfortunately have to cancel but will be host 2022 instead. Thank you for giving alternative next year. Appreciated!!

We have as alternative for FECC Dies Natalis 2021 contact with Zielona Góra, Poland but no decision yet. Let´s hope!

FECC Convention 22-29 May 2022 – Pétange, Esch-sur Alzette, Luxemburg

Senator Roland Breyer informed our members about coming Convention. They are preparing a very nice program.

The meeting was was held in a very nice and positive atmosphere and it was very nice to hear Aleksandar Vasovic, Rakovica, Serbia telling us that carnivals this summer now starting up step by step in Serbia. We hope more countries to follow.

After the formal General Assembly Marion Hirche had prepared a Hat Competition. It gave us a spirit of carnival feeling with those beautiful hats. This competition will be followed next time we meet for real.

FECC International Board is very grateful and humbled to be elected for another 3 years.

Thank you all!

Take care!

See you soon again!!

Yassou, yassou, yassou!!!

Federation of European Carnival Cities

FECC International Board

Lars Algell





The International Board of FECC.


The prehistory of FECC.

This goes back to the year 1975, on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the City of Amsterdam.
The then existing Amsterdam carnival associations “Amstelpieren & Brokkerijders, led by Henk van der Kroon (+2018) had dared to organize a spectacular International Prinsen meeting in November 1975 at the RAI Congress Center in Amsterdam.
With the cooperation of the Amsterdam business community, the city council and the diligent work of the carnival associations this could be financed.
Among the guests were his Royal Highness Princess Margriet and diplomats and dignitaries from Brazil, Italy, Greece, Germany and Belgium.
Carnival associations such as “Het Heilig Wammes” from Maaseik (B), Party community from Hasselt (B), “Stadsgarde” from Aachen (D), “Tempeleers” from Maastricht etc
A total of 4,500 attendees.
This unique international event was the start of an exuberant exchange, which continued until 1980. Then it was decided to organize a reunion abroad, more specifically in Patras. This step is now regarded as the establishment of the FECC, in fact, one could well label 1975 as a year of foundation, but the name FECC was not yet known at that time.
In the years between 1980 and 1986, the Reunions were more festive recreations, with encounters between Greek cultures, but in 1986 in KOS the seeds were laid for the necessity of regulations and memberships. The initiative of the extra meeting at Hotel “Prince de Liège” in Brussels, autumn 1986 and the annual meeting in Malta in 1987, prompted the Belgians Vansina (+2018), Baumans, Rega (+2018) and Van Doorslaer to take the initiative to set up a national section of Belgium. This was unique, because no other FECC country had thought of this. Vansina was the first national president to be elected and with his influence as mayor of the City of Leuven and the assistance of his secretary, much could be achieved.
In 1988 the example was followed by the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The National Carnival Commission of Malta followed in 1989 with its own form of a section, while Jiirgen Schmidt also formed a section in Germany in the same year in Bad Ems.

Object and Objectives of FECC.

The Federation is a democratic association, respecting the fundamental values of right and freedom of each of its members, whatever are their political, creed or sex. It assembles people who agree to act and work to join the aim of the association.

The mainobjectives of the Federation amongstothers, are listed hereunder but are not restrictive by any means:

  • To unit, the European and Mediterranean and outside Europe/Oversea members Carnival Cities in the exchange of ideas and opinions in the interest of Carnival.
  • To collect and preserve knowledge on the usage, costumes and traditions related to Carnival, inside and outside of Europe.
  • To promote exhibitions, exchange of ideas and advertising without losing sight of proper national identities.
  • To stimulate youth participation in national carnival activities and to encourage exchange schemes for youth among the member states.
  • Original Statutes of FECC deposit in Luxembourg – see page 23.

About FECC.

FECC Statutes