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INVITATION – 43nd FECC Convention 2023

Leskovac Serbia 

Info about Leskovac:


Arrival Saturday 13 May – Departure Saturday 20 May

Invitation – Program – Registration Form

Dear Members of the FECC and the FECC network

We hereby send you the documents for your participation in the 43nd Convention 2023 on behalf of the Mayor Leskovac/President of FECC Serbia, Goran Cvetanovic, as well as the Organizing Committee of 43rd FECC Convention


Early Registration before 15 March – 650 EUR

Late Registration after 15 March     – 700 EUR

The payment must be made before March 15, 2023. 

If not, late registration fee shall be applied. 

All participants will get, free of charge, the Book

CARNIVAL POPE – The Life and Adventures of Henry van der Kroon

– i gift from City of Leskovac!!!

Furthermore, the payment has to be in full without any bank charges. 

National Bank of Serbia/Narodna Banka Srbije 


IBAN RS538000000001977070

Please read all the documents carefully and we hope that you will send your Registration Form very soon, the sooner the better. In case of limitations, your registration/payment date will be important.

Please make sure you complete this form in block capital letters, signed and scanned and send it via email to: 

conventionfecc.le@gmail.com   = official mailaddress

Host Contact Leskovac

Organizing Committee

Miroljub Radivojevic



Other Contacts

Dijana Randelovic +381648940294 tol.dijana@gmail.com

Vladica Dokic  +381648940261 tol.vladica@gmail.com

Igor Banjac +381648940283 banjactol@gmail.com

Miodrag Jovic +381692875957 tol.miodrag@gmail.com

For german language

Lidija Ilic  +381612266080 – lidija.stam@gmail.com

Transfer from/to Airports

Transfer will be arranged on arrival/departure, 13/20 May on following airports

NIS (INI) 52 km,  Belgrade (BEL) 291 km, Skopje (SKP) 145 km

Hotels for FECC Members 

Hotel Bavka     www.bavka.rs

Apostolovic Plus changing name and owner

– new name – Hotel Central In

In website still look at https://kompleksapostolovic.rs/

FECC International Board prel stays at Hotel ABC to get more rooms available for FECC Members at Hotel Bavka – the main hotel for the FECC Convention

Transfer during convention

The host will arrange, free of charge, transfers between hotel and city of Leskovac

Welcome from FECC International Board:

As the FECC International Board of Directors, we welcome you to Leskovac, a perfect destination to visit!!!!!

Lars Algell 

FECC president




Josip Silov – Marion Hirche – Aleksandar Cicimov – Branko Brumen – Aleksandar Vasovic

Jürgen Schmidt – Gert-Jan Visser – Raymond Vella

Peter Balogh


– were you also will find info 43rd FECC Convention 2023

Covit-19 reported to 2021

City of Ptuj Slovenia will be Host of 40th FECC JUBILEE CONVENTION 24 -31 May 2021

Since four years, and presentations on Conventions thereafter, City of Rijeka Croatia has been appointed as Host of 40th FECC Jubilee Convention 2020 – as a part of European Capital of Culture 2020.

However, due to the withdrawal and cancellation of FECC Convention by City of Rijeka (together with with City of Opatija and FECC Croatia) although several reminders by email, the FECC International Board, lost contact with the appointed Host – City of Rijeka. No answers or explanations were given. Even suggested meetings to find solutions: No answers….only silence.

Anyhow as FECC International Board we are appointed by our members to find solutions. 

On the FECC Board Meeting in Rakovica Belgrade Serbia 13 April FECC Secretary General Branko Brumen suggested that he will try to find a solution with City of Ptuj for the 40th FECC Jubilee Convention 2020.

Today Branko Brumen forwarded a Letter of Intent from Mayor of Ptuj, Nuška Gajšek and FECC Slovenia, President Andrej Klasinc confirming:

– that the City of Ptuj as FECC A Category member confirms the intent to organize the 40th FECC Jubilee Convention 23 – 31 May 2020 as a part of the Jubilee Celebration of the 60th Kurentovanje in Ptuj.

We are very glad that we with outstanding efforts and work by our friends in Ptuj after only one month after the Board Meeting in Rakovica 13 April today got the Letter of Intent from Ptuj bearing in mind of the short time of decision-making.

Special thanks to: Branko Brumen, FECC Secretary General, President of International Kurentovanje Carnival in Ptuj, President of Organizing Committee of 40th FECC Jubilee Convention 2020

Nuška Gajšek.Mayor City of Ptuj

Andrej Klasinc, President FECC Slovenia 

Stefan Celan, FECC Honorary Senator

A Brief presentation of 40th FECC Convention 2020 will follow in Yalova.

City of Ptuj will Host:

– 60 years Celebration of Kurentovanje in Ptuj 2020

– FECC 40th FECC Jubilee Convention 2020

– FECC European Capital of Culture 2020

We do look forward to a very close and appreciated cooperation!!!

And many thank for outstanding efforts and help Hosting 40th FECC Jubilee Convention 2020

Ptuj has experience in organizing of the FECC Conventions. They organized (together with Maribor) FECC Convention 1996 and FECC Dies Natalis 2007. 

Grand Hotel Primus in Ptuj will host the FECC delegates 2020.


This was a very good day with very good news!!!!!

See you soon in Yalova Turkey 10-18 June 2019

Yassou, yassou, yassou!!!

FECC International Board

Lars Algell, President, +46705344000, lars.algell@gmail.com


Stora Gatan 72, SE-193 30 Sigtuna, Sweden

Dear FECC friends,
The oldest Slovenian town of Ptuj, which celebrates 1950 year’s from the first written historical mention, is the home of the famous ethnographic character Kurent, who has been registered since 12/2017 in the UNESCO representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, and the International FECC Carnival Kurentovanje, which celebrates next year the 60th anniversary years of the organized events of public interest.
We are looking forward to the planned organization of the jubilee 40th FECC Convention 2020 in this framework, in accordance with the mission of Kurent, which with its ritual discharges everything badly and brings happiness and satisfaction.
Welcome to the FECC meeting again in Ptuj, Slovenia, EU.

Branko Brumen
President of Kurentovanje and
FECC Secretary General

Kurentovanje 2019 – with the mayor and the Prince of Carnival, FECC flag at the Town Hall of Ptuj

FECC Kurentovanje 2019, with the President of the Republic of Slovenia Mr. Borut Pahor

Kurentsin the autochthonous environment

Kurents in the old city center of Ptuj on Kurentovanje 2019 

Ptuj Romans with FECC friends from Italy on Kurentovanje 2019

With friends at the Poetovio Roman Games in GH Primus

Newsletters & Reports.

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  • visit report of 10th Frog carnival of Ivanic -Grad
  • Visit report of the 16th International Carnival in Pančevo
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  • Visit Report OVAR CARNIVAL 2007

    17th-21st February

    I was impressed by the efforts done by FECC Portugal (under supervision Fernando Costa i Silva) the Camara Municipal ( Mayor Dr. Manuel Alves de Oliviera) the Junta de Freguesian de Ovar ( president Joaquin Santos Barbosa) and all the carnival-associations of Ovar.

    Directly after my arrival at Oporto Airport the Mayor Dr. Manuel Alves de Oliviera had organized an official reception. Furthermore after the diner in the house of our vice-president Dr. David Brandao (excellent cooking by his wife Maria) we visited the carnival clubs XAXAS and the big hall where the allegoric floats were built.

    The carnaval of Ovar has been divided in 3 categories of associations :

    • Escolas de Samba
    • Carnavaleco
    • Paselle

    On the Saturday-evening was the parade of the Samba-schools ( Costa de Prata, Charanguinha , Juventude Vareira and Kan-Kans). It was a sparkling show. After the show I visited the carnival-tent (max.4500 visitors), The organizing committee had offered a special organization to manage the tent and program with famous Portuguese bands. This committee pays a certain amount to the Ovar Carnival Foundation. Entrance is €.13,50 on Saturday/Sunday/Monday.

    On Sunday 18th February. is the important carnival-parade. Fortunately it was a sunny day. After a visit to the office of the Ovar Carnival Foundation we went together with the Mayor of Ovar to the public gallery (tribune). All the 24 carnival associations had great presentations. The organizing committee of the parade has made a fantastic system with stopwatches to control the passing-time and prevent delays. Delays results in penalty points for the final results of the Jury !!!

    In the evening we visited the tent again and I have tried my first “Caipirinho”( a Brazilian drink). Before the tent was waiting hundreds and hundreds of youngsters, because the committee of the tent did not allow more than 4500 visitors.

    On the Monday the President of Freguesian de Ovar had organized a special ceremony for FECC Portugal. The Junta of Freguesian de Ovare has decided to apply for FECC membership, likewise all the 24 carnival-associations. From every association one representative was present. FECC-Portugal did grant me as honourable member of FECC-Portugal. The president of the Junta offered me a nice personal plaquette. Fernando and Rosario Costa i Silva offered me a nice diner in their beautiful house. In that night we visited the MAGIC NIGHT of OVAR CARNIVAL. Everybody has been dressed, and you will see the most fantastic creations, it is an absolute spontaneous carnivals night. That carnival did continue until 06.00 AM the next morning.

    On Tuesday 20th Febr.a nice lunch was offered by the Mayor of Ovar. One of the guests was Prof. Dr. Fernando Regateiro. He is an important scientist and member of the national ethics commission as professor in genetics.

    After the lunch the marid-gras parade took place in this afternoon. All the carnival bands were present and gave their last presentation. In the evening the results were informed to all the carnivalists in the tent.

    The winner Samba school 2007 is Charanguinha

    The winner of the Carnavalesco Groups is Pinguins

    My thanks go to David Brandao and Fernando Costa i

    Silva and their collaborators.

    It was an enormous experience the Carnival of Ovar.

    Henry Ferdinand VAN DER KROON
    President FECC

henk 01

  • Hierbij stuur ik u de informatie omtrent de begrafenis van Henk v/d Kroon.U wordt hierbij in de gelegenheid gesteld om afscheid te nemen en de familie te condoleren op zaterdag 22 september a.s. van 13:00 tot 15:00  in Uitvaartcentrum Zuid, Fred. Roeskestraat  91 te Amsterdam.Op dinsdag 25 september a.s. vindt de Heilige mis plaats om 11:30 in de parochiekerk H. Augustinus,   adres:  Postjesweg 123  te Amsterdam.

    Aansluitend vindt de begrafenis plaats op R.K. Begraafplaats St. Barbara, Spaarndammerdijk 312.

    Gert-Jan Visser

    Int. Senator

    Nat. Treasurer

    I hereby send you the information about the funeral of Henry v/d Kroon in The Netherlands.

    There is an opportunity to say goodbye and condolences on Saturday the 22nd of September from 13:00 to 15:00.

    The Holy mass is on Tuesday, the 25th of September at 11:30 am    and after that is the  funeral in Amsterdam.

    For more information and warm regards,

    Gert-Jan Visser

    Int. Senator