Herceg Novi

Maškare is carnival group of local enthusiast from Herceg Novi. They are keepers of long tradition within famus Mimosa Festival witch is celebrating 50 years of tradition. Recognized in building floats, masks, organazing carnival and traditional games during Mimosa Festival witch is celebrating every year during  February.

About Festival:

When many parts of Europe are still under snow, people in Montenegro enjoy flower season. The main event of honoring flowers is the so-called “Mimosa festival” in Herceg Novi, a city located near the Croatian border. A central figure of the huge celebration is the mimosa flower, which blossoms at the end of the winter. Every February since 1969, Montenegrin people celebrate it with dances, carnivals, and masquerades. The tradition has run for more than 50 years. Besides that, during the event there are various flower exhibits, so people interested in gardening will definitely enjoy it. The festival is longer then usual events like this – it starts the first week of February and lasts for several weeks and even up to one month. It’s a good time to escape from winter and visit the warm and evergreen Herceg Novi, isn’t it?



Dies Natalis 2019