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Visit report – 14th International Carnival in Leskovac, Serbia

05.- 07.07.2019.

Leskovac is a city with a carnival tradition. The idea for organizing a summer carnival is a continuation of the tradition that has existed in these parts for centuries with the introduction of new elements. Carnival in Leskovac today has become a good summer fun. The Leskovac Tourist Organization has turned the Carnival into a multi-day event, a celebration of youth and experience, fun and joy. Various events are organized: Carnival face & body painting, Carnival tattoo & hairstyle, Pet carnival, Children’s masquerade, workshops for children, Children’s carnival, Festival of fire, Performance of the Mantok dance group from Novi Sad, Performance by the Group from Egypt …

07/05/2019. – 10th Children’s Carnival and Festival of Fire in Leskovac – Serbia

Baby Majorettes and Majorettes Juniors opened the 10th Children’s Carnival, led by members of the Federation of European Carnival Cities – FECC, namely International Board members: I as International Vice President, ,Aleksandar Cicimov – general, treasurer and Aleksandar Vasović – Advisor for  Attributes, and Mayor of Leskovac and president of FECC Serbia Goran Cvetanović and other representatives of FECC from Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Germany and Ukraine. The Jubilee, the 10th Leskovac Children’s Carnival, led by Leontina Vukomanovic, brought together 17 carnival groups. It was almost twice more groups than in previous years.

It was really fiery at the Fire Festival. The crowd applauded enthusiastically. Performed five groups from Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria. This was followed by dance performances by the Mantok dance group from Novi Sad and very interesting traditional group from Egypt.

07/06/2019. – Two receptions by Dr. Goran Cvetanović Mayor of Leskovac

A first reception was organized for FECC representatives in the Jablanica District building, and was also attended by ambassadors of Egypt and Indonesia, who were also guests of the Leskovac Carnival. Ambassador of Egypt in Serbia Amr Alguvejli pointed out that in Leskovac met representatives of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa. “With help of the Leskovac Carnival, we will be able to erase borders, establish closeness and friendship between our countries,” said Goran Cvetanovic, Mayor of Leskovac and President of FECC Serbia. . Ambassador from Indonesia Ćamtra Judas announced performance of a group consisting of employees of their embassy in Belgrade. On behalf of the International Board of FECC I thanked the hosts for their hospitality and congratulated for good  organization of the 14th Leskovac carnival.

The second Reception was organized at the Old Town Hall for representatives of carnival groups and FECC members. All guests received a medal of Leskovac Carnival and a souvenir. The guests brought presents to the hosts from the area they came from.. The FECC International Board awarded Mayor Goran Cvetanović and Carnival Manager Miroljub Radivojević with FECC medals, and the City of Leskovac with  plaque.MEMORIAM VIVAT.

07/06/2019. – 14th International Carnival Parade in Leskovac

The 14th International Carnival Parade was a cheerful defile of 36 carnival groups with about 2,000 costumed participants from Serbia and abroad from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska, and for the first time, carnival groups from Indonesia and Egypt . Many citizens, especially children, took the opportunity to take pictures with costumed guests. Somewhere near the end, the electricity went off for half an hour but the audience did not disperse but patiently waited for the performance of the remaining groups. Festival of carnival ended with fireworks.

And what to say in the end? We are delighted with the carnival atmosphere and cordial hospitality. . Congratulations to the organizers: Leskovac Tourist Organization and the City of Leskovac on the excellent organization of the 14th International Leskovac Carnival.

                                                                                                                   Josip Silov,

                                                                                          International FECC Vice president

др сци. мед. Горан Цветановић



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