Visit report – International Carnival in Bela Crkva – Serbia

 Visit report – Bela Crkva 22.- 25.06.2018.doc

5 year under the FECC flag

from 22nd to 25th June 2018.


The tourist season in Bela Crkva opens the international event “Belocrkvanski karneval”, which has a tradition of 190 years.

Carnival in Bela Crkva has been held in various forms since 1828, with the only breaks during the First and Second World War.

22.06.2018. –  A children’s carnival parade in Bela Crkva

On Friday, June 22, despite the rainy afternoon, was held Children’s Carnival 2018  Downtown marched 23 kid’s carnival groups. The jury, which consisted of members of the Federation of European Carnival Cities, selected the top five groups, which participated at big international parade on Saturday.


23.06.2018.- Promenade concert, party and lunch in Bela Crkva

In the music pavilion in the central city park the promenade concert was held by Pihalni orchestra Bežigrad from Ljubljana – Slovenia.

Then we were all together at the banks of the Danube.


23.06.2018. –  Reception of the Mayor of Bela Crkva Darko Bogosavljević

Traditionally the mayor of Bela Crkva Darko Bogosavljević and his associates held a reception for members of the FECC and leaders of carnival groups.

At the reception, I welcomed all the participants on behalf of the International Board and highlighted that there are nine carnivals in Serbia under the FECC flag, what was ten years ago unimaginable. Belocrkvanski carnival differs from all of them being the oldest, with a tradition of 190 years. In addition to the tradition that dates back to 1828 year Belocrkvanski carnival is already 5 years a proud member of the FECC. This was occasion to hand to Darko Bogosavljević President of municipality Bela Crkva memorial plaque, and to Ilija Blanuša director of the Culture center big FECC medal.


23.06.2018. –  Great international carnival parade in Bela Crkva

In the parade, which is the central event of the seven-day of carnival festivities, there were about a thousand participants. Among them were guests from 7 countries – Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Romania, as well as from several cities throughout Serbia. Traditionally, the parade was opened by Majorettes from Bela Crkva and Zagreb and a great feast began. Participated 38 carnival groups  and 14 floats large dimensions. They are the unique symbol of “Belocrkvanski Carnival”. On one such car were driving newly selected prince and princess of the Children’s Carnival. The most beautiful exhibits this year will remain in the city center for a few days and after that will be exhibited at the factory Pobeda at Main Lake. So tourists will be able to see them all through the summer.

At the helm of the Carnival Parade were Mayor of the Bela Crkva Darko Bogosavljević I as the delegate of the President of FECC Lars Algell and his deputy,  the assessor of IB of FECC Aleksandar Vasović, President of the FECC Serbia Miroljub Radivojević and his deputy Nebojsa Bogičević, Vice-President of FECC Montenegro Marija Pjerotić, Secretary of the FECC Croatia Branka Renko-Silov,  Director of the Cultural Center Bela Crkva Ilija Blanuša, President of the Organizing Committee of “Belocrkvanskog Carnival” Ljupče Stanković and other representatives of the Federation of European Carnival Cities, Mayorof Soko Banja with his associates and Pavel Kobliška Czech Embassy Officer.

This year’s international Carnival Parade, in the words of many guests, was better and more imaginative than in previous years. Great masks, skilled choreography and imaginative exhibits, have made this carnival the best ever.




Congratulations and warm gratitude to the organizers of Carnival in Bela Crkva for the warm hospitality and unforgettable fun.

                                                                                          Josip Silov,


                                                                     International FECC vice-president