Visit report of the 16th International Carnival in Pančevo

Visit report from the 16th International Carnival in Pančevo



15.06.2018. – Opening of the 16th International Carnival in Pančevo

The opening ceremony traditionally started with the handing keys of the town. Deputy   Mayor Predrag Živković handed over the key of town to the Carnival Master Boris Matijević. It was symbolically indicated that the city is ruled by carnivalists from all over the world, good humor, friendship and fun. Ceremony continued with the introduction of foreign groups. Arrived guests from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Romania, Chile … On more than twenty locations in the city, were organized concerts for all citizens and carnival visitors. There was something for everyone. A special note was given by the musicians of the legendary group “ODJILA”. They have performed at the Central carnival stage in front of crowd happy audience. Particularly interesting was at the “STREET OF TRADITION” where two days held CARNIVAL GASTRO festival of traditional food and wine trade.

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16.06.2018. – 16th International Carnival in Pančevo

For the past 16 years, the carnival in Pančevo connects people from different countries. Almost the whole city went out to the streets to express welcome to the carnival groups. And this Carnival in Pancevo was organized by the Association „Friends of Pancevo“ and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Republic of Serbia, the Secretariat for Economy and Tourism of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the City of Pančevo.

Shortly before the Great carnival parade deputy mayor Predrag Živković received the leaders of carnival groups and members of the Federation of European Carnival Cities in the city hall. On this occasion, on behalf of the International Board, I assign to the director of Pančevo’s carnival Zorana Vladu a memorial medal of the FECC.

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What followed was directly reporting to the main diary State Television of Serbia.

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The unforgettable carnival master Boris Matijević led the International Carnival Parade, which was consisted of 35 groups from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Montenegro, Chile and Serbia with about 2000 carnivalists. According to organizers, this event brought together more than 100.000 spectators. To Pančevo’s citizens and their guests first were introduced the majorettes from Bela Crkva, and then performed  a children’s carnival groups as well as a group of the Gerontological Center Pančevo.

The greatest attention of many visitors was attracted to foreign carnival groups. The last was a group from Pančevo with a fantastic mask Skeleton. Delighted children and numerous citizens photographed with everyone and took countless photographs for memories.

Our biggest thanks go to the “Friends of Pancevo”. With them we have longtime of friendship. We meet every year on many carnivals in the country and abroad.  We have been in Pančevo since the first carnival and we can say that Carnival and  a lot of accompanying manifestations are every year better and better.

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Josip Silov

International FECC Vice president