Dies Natalis.


REPORT 42. DIES NATALIS FECC – Šoštanj, Slovenia 7th-10th October 2022
This year’s celebration of the 42nd birthday of the Federation of European Carnival Cities Dies Natalis took place from October 7th to 10th in Šošanj, Velenje, Logarska Dolina and Mozirje in Slovenia. 78 FECC members from 17 countries responded to the invitation of Peter Radoja, Vice President of FECC Slovenia, namely: Aruba, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, France, Croatia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Germany, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Sweden and Turkey.
FRIDAY, October 7th
We were located in three hotels in Velenje. In the afternoon, we took part in the ceremonial academy and celebration of the 120th anniversary of the Šoštanj Tourism Beautification Association at the Culture Center in Šoštanj. On that occasion, we were greeted by the president of the Society, Peter Radoja, who is also the vice-president of FECC Slovenia, and the Mayor of Šoštanj, Darko Menih. We saw that the people of Šoštanj love carnival in a special film in which their historical carnival characters Tresimirji and Koši Šoštanjski dominated. On the stage members of carnival group performed in live. FECC President Lars Algell greeted the hosts and thanked them for their warm hospitality. He awarded the FECC “MEMORIAM VIVAT” memorial plaque to the Mayor and the Tourist Association for beautification. He especially thanked Petar Radoja for his exceptional dedication and spreading the carnival spirit and good mood at all carnivals and FECC events wherever the people of Šoštanj participate.
The gala dinner on the occasion of FECC’s 42nd birthday was held in the ceremonial hall of the Fire Station in Šoštanj. The International Board of the FECC awarded all of us with ceremonial jubilee medals of the FECC, which we were supposed to receive on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the FECC. However, the corona prevented us from doing so. Branko ?urica, the president of the FECC of Montenegro, was awarded with plaque and the book “Carnival Pope” on the occasion of his 86th birthday for many years of his valuable work in our organization. This was followed by an exchange of gifts between the host and the arriving FECC members.

SATURDAY, October 8th
On Saturday morning, a flag parade was held in Velenje. We walked from Hotel Razgoršek to Villa Bianka, where the deputy mayor of Velenje Darinka Mravljak welcomed us and expressed us a warm welcome. President Lars Algell awarded her the FECC memorial plaque “Memoriam vivat”. A joint photo shoot followed. In the garden of Villa Bianka, the presentation of the city of Leskovac in Serbia was held, where next year the 43rd FECC Convention will be held from May 13th to 21st.
In the afternoon we split into two groups. The first group descended 160 m underground and viewed the Museum in a closed coal mine, and the second group managed to climb 66 m above Velenje and viewed several very interesting exhibitions in Velenje Castle from the mid-13th century.
In the evening, we had a very tasty home-made dinner and a fun party at the Savinek Family Farm in Bele Vode. FECC Luxenbourg members presented us with a book that was printed after the 42nd FECC Convention in Petange in May this year.

SUNDAY, October 9th
In the morning we went on a bus trip to the Logar Valley. Gornja Savinjska dolina is one of the most beautiful alpine valleys in Europe. The valley is surrounded by white peaks and green forests, which rise on the slopes above the river Savinja. The river originates under Okrešlje in the Logar valley. In Sol?ava, we visited the sheep fair where we bought excellent domestic products. We were delighted by the beautiful nature, especially the Slap Rinka. We had lunch at the Hotel Golte, which was provided by the Mayor of Mozirje Ivan Suhoveršnik, the long-time master of Mozirski Pust Drago Poli?nik and the head of the carnival in Mozirje Marko Prese?nik. We thanked them with appropriate souvenirs. What delighted us the most was the Mozirski gaj flower park. The Park is the home of European gardeners. Countless types of flowers and other plants are planted in it throughout the year. In the park there is an ethnographic collection of old buildings and a chapel dedicated to St. Valentine and many lovers, who said the fateful yes in it. However, in this autumn season, the park was dominated by the autumn pumpkin exhibition, spiced up with a competition for the heaviest European pumpkin.
On the way back to Šoštnja, we planted a maple tree in the Kajuh park as a reminder that the 42nd Dies Natalis of the FECC was held here.
And in the end, the members of FECC Šoštanj prepared an excellent barbecue and an unforgettable gathering for us in Lajše. A wonderful final evening with partying at its best.
We thank our hosts for everything they prepared and organized for us. We congratulate Peter Radoja on the excellent interview he gave for television, in which he told a wonderful story about the biggest carnival family in the world, FECC. And congratulations on the excellent organization of the 42nd birthday celebration of the Federation of European Carnival Cities.
International FECC Vice-president


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