visit report of 10th Frog carnival in Ivanić -Grad

Visit report to the 10th Frog Carnival in Ivanić Grad

 from 08.06. until 10.06.2018.

  1. and 9.06. 2018. – We come to Ivanić Grad

On Friday we were welcomed by NGO ŽABA and Deputy Mayor Željko Posilović. There was also our friends from Belgium, Secretary of FECC Belgium and newly elected member of the International Board Guy Van Der Eecken and his wife Marie Louise.

On Friday night began  warming for the jubilee 10th Frog Carnival. All together, the carnival group from the Župa Dubrovačka, Budva and others sang and danced with great musicians Bathala Rota Gipsy Band from Novi Sad. When Samba Quilombo arrived from Vienna, we were thrilled with a common play. In this carnival group there are actually three male members – the Brazilians.

The second morning we participated in the TV show Dobro jutro Hrvatska. Then, members ofFECC  IB went to the Family Radio. At the Crafts Fair, we tried traditional delicacies prepared by women from KUD “IVANIĆ”.

9.06.2018. – Konjada in Kloštar Ivanić

Deputy Mayor of Ivanić Grad Željko Posilović organized us perfectly early afternoon in Kloštar Ivanić. Within the Municipality Day Kloštar Ivanić held 16th State and 21st County Exposition and evaluation of horses of original protected breeds. We participated in the ceremonial procession of the barn. The exhibition was opened by honorary citizen of Kloštar Ivanić general Mladen Markač and Mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandić. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank to the Mayor Željko Filipović and to the President of the Municipal Council of Kloštar Ivanić Krešimir Bunjevac for a kind invitation.


9.06.2018. – Reception of Deputy Mayor of Ivanić Grad

Representatives of the FECC and guest groups from abroud received Deputy Mayor of Ivanić Grad Željko Posilović, Director of Tourist Board Ankica Bešter and President of NGO Žaba Suzana Lovrenščak. Mr Željko Posilović warmly welcomed all guests and emphasized that the 10th International Frog Carnival is one of the central events in the occasion of the birthday of the city. „We are very pleased that our carnival becomes the strongest continental carnival in Croatia and that we are visited by the representatives of IB FECC. We received invitationand to visit Belgium.“ – said the Director of Tourist Board Ankica Bešter. Secretary of the FECC Belgium, Mr Guy Van Der Eecken said that he was delighted with carnival events and in general with continental Croatia.  „We are proud ofgrowing  our carnival. Every year, more and more countries take part, and that is very important thing – said the president of Carnival associations Frog Suzana Lovrenščak. As  FECC Vice President  I congratulated the hosts on th

e 10th birthday of the International Summer Frog Carnival and awarded Deputy Mayor Željko Posilović with the FECC Plaque Memoria Vivat and Mrs. Suzana Lovrešćak with memorial medal of the FECC.

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9.06.2018 – First Children’s Carnival in Ivanić Grad

In cooperation with schools, kindergartens and associations the City Ivanić Grad, the Tourist Board and the NGO “Žaba” organized the First Children’s Carnival for children of preschool and school Age. A small carnival parade with 13 carnival groups was led by FECC officials and deputy mayor Željko Posilović. The rhythm of the parade was given by Samba musicians from Vienna Samba Quilombo. On the main stage, a crowd citizens and guests was addressed by mayor Javor Bojan Leš and me as international FECC vice president. Bravo for 300 small, fun and creative carnivalists that have sprung up Ivanić Grad. The future of the Frog Carnival is ensured.

Thank to all the educators and teachers who prepared the choreographies for children.


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9.06.2018. – 10th International Frog Carnival in Ivanić Grad

There were 25 carnival groups with about 400 carnivalists from Austria, Montenegro, Italy, Slovenia and all over Croatia.  The rhythm of this big parade was also given by excellent drummers “Samba Quilombo” from Vienna. They danced in the streets of Ivanić Grad and with the drums “warmed” the atmosphere. Numerous visitors and members of the FECC, including two members of the International Board, followed the performances of carnival groups  The last performers were hosts NGO Frogs and delighted all the present. The evening continued in the same rhythm, with the concert of Mario Petreković and the band Soulfingers.

We celebrated the 10th birthday of the Frog Carnival and the 68th birthday of Guy Van Der Eecken  in Hotel Ivaničanka.

We congratulate the organizers on the excellent organization of the 10th International Frog Carnival, 1st Children’s Carnival and all accompanying events. Great thanks to the warm hospitality and the unforgettable days we spent in Ivanić Grad and Kloštar Ivanić.

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International FECC vicepresident

Josip Silov