Dear friends,
finally, I am sending you a report from the visit to the 39th Extraordinary International Rijeka Carnival with photos.With me in Rijeka – Croatia were Branko Brumen – general secretary and Aleksandar Cicimov general treasurer.
I would like to thank the new mayor of the City of Rijeka, Marko Filipović, and his deputies, Sandra Krpan and Goran Palčevski, for the reception during the Rijeka Carnival and the organization of a tour of the renewed Sugar  baroque  Palace.
I would like to thank Petar Škarpa, director of the Rijeka Tourist Board, for his warm hospitality and congratulate him and his colleagues on the excellent and very professional organization of the carnival.
I would like to thank the president of the carnival association Veseli Oldtimers Đurđica Margetić for the invitation and warm reception at the 10th Night of the Crinoline at Botel Marina.

I wish all of you and your families pleasant summer holidays and see you in October at the Dies Natalis in Šoštanj – Slovenia.

Warm greetings,
Josip Silov,
International FECC Vice President

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